Social Media Perspective Shift | Squash the Lies That Are Holding You Back

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Have you ever said…

“Ugh, I hate social media.”

“I have no clue what to post and is anyone even listening?”

“I don’t want my posts and feed to scream “look at me, look at me!”

“There are already enough people doing the same thing.”

And so on… These are common narratives that I hear and we start to tell ourselves that can really hold us bak from connecting with our ideal customers, clients, and followers!

We wanted to share some practical perspective shifts that can help pull you out of the social media dread and start thinking about this powerful tool for exactly what it can be. Let’s face it. Social media is what we cultivate and if what we are cultivating is comparison, negativity, and dread, then we are really missing the point. The opportunity to connect and share and invest in positive change is exciting! Let’s start changing the narrative and make great impact!


“Ugh, I hate social media, but I know I have to be on it.”


“I’m thankful for the opportunity to connect with so many people and have direct access to my community.”

Social Media Marketing Narrative


“I have no clue what to post and is anyone even listening?”


“I’m excited to dig in and create content that helps deliver my message and serve my audience. I’m not afraid to ask for feedback and I understand that my worth is not attached to my engagement or followers.”

Social Media Marketing Narrative


“I don’t want my posts and feed to scream “look at me, look at me”.”


“I’m willing to show up on my social accounts for my community so they can connect and know who I am and that I am here for them. It’s not about “look at me” it’s “I am here”.

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“I’m not going to show up or try because there are already so many people doing the same thing.”


“I have something unique and powerful to share. Someone is waiting for me to be courageous and step into my gifts.”

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We hope this helps! Drop any questions or comments below and let us know what you think! Are there any narratives that you currently or used to tell yourself that might be holding them back? Let’s transition and squash the lies that keep us from stepping into purpose.

Design Your Year with Intention

Happy New Year, friends! Who’s ready to take ownership of our dreams and those little promptings on your heart this year? I know I am!

I plan to step into 2019 with a plan. You hear over and over about the power of writing down your goals. In an article from author Mark Murphy states, “Vividly describing your goals in written form is strongly associated with goal success, and people who very vividly describe or picture their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals than people who don’t.”

Create Your Calendar with Hey World Creative-2.jpg

As I was getting organized and planning out our 2019 for business I created this calendar and thought it could be a useful resource for you! You can print each month and we’ve included space to write goals to the left of your calendar. I included a checklist for what we will be using this calendar for! I hope the checklist is a great tool for you when thinking through designing your year with intention.

Create Your Calendar with Hey World Creative-3.jpg

Do you want to launch a website, product, or course? Are you hoping to show up more online for your community and offer them more valuable content? Do you plan to refine your marketing strategy to have greater impact? If you would like help designing your year or if you have big dreams and goals that you need some assistance with we would love to help!

Tips to Develop Your Brand + FREE Branding Worksheet

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Branding is such a buzz word right now and rightfully so. We have more access to reach our communities and customers than ever before, but it’s important to understand who we are as a brand, and what we are offering so that we are connecting with the right tribe! I recently read the book Building Your Story Brand by Donald Miller, and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking through branding or rebranding. I literally listened to the entire book in one day on Audible. It was that good. Some of my top takeaways from the book are included in my first tip:


  1. The customer should be the hero of your story, not your brand. Position yourself as the guide, not the hero.

  2. Here are a few questions people will likely ask when visiting your website:

    1. What do you offer?

    2. How will it make my life better?

    3. What do I need to do to buy it?

  3. Customers trust a guide who has a plan of action laid out that they can take.

  4. Everybody wants to be taken somewhere. Never assume a customer knows how your brand can change their lives.

  5. Clarify your message. Start with one simple desire that is relevant to their survival (economic and / or social resource). If a consumer is confused they will leave your website without taking action.

There are SO many other nuggets of gold in this book along with resources to help you clarify your message. He also lays out specifics about what your website needs for optimal clarity and conversion.


It’s important to have consistent colors and fonts when creating content for your brand. This will help with brand recognition and association. Work with a designer to select a color palette and textures that represent your brand well. Stick to these when creating graphics, downloads, pdfs, etc…


Once you have selected a clear message and visual brand, stay consistent and connected to your audience / community. As you grow be attentive and listen to the needs of your customers. What are their pain points? How can you make their lives better? Show up for your community consistently, listen to them, and serve them well. A quote from Building Your Story Brand that stuck with me was -

The day we stop losing sleep over the success of our business and start losing sleep over the success of our customers is the day our business will start growing again.
— Donald Miller

If you would like help clarifying your message let us know! We would love to walk you through the branding process. If you already have an established brand we can audit your current website and branding as well. GET IN TOUCH

I created this FREE Branding Worksheet so you can process and clarify your message today!

Hope this was helpful!

xo Bethany

Free Stock Images to Use on Social Media or Your Website

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Do you ever have those days where you just don't have an image to post, but you have something to say? It can be so frustrating! We are sharing six free stock images that you can keep on hand for such a time as this. We got your back!


No strings attached. We won't spam you. We will send you 6 FREE stock images and let you know when new resources are available! Welcome to the Curative Community.

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    3 Reasons You Should Be Using Instagram Stories and What Might Be Holding You Back

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    Instagram stories are one of the most powerful tools to connect with your community in an authentic way giving them an opportunity to really get to know you and see you un-staged and imperfect. This is really what we are all looking for, aren't we? So here's your chance! We have the opportunity to show up for one another, share encouragement, expertise, and just laugh at the crazy things life throws our way. Others will want to be a part of your community because of YOU, so give them the chance to get to know you.

    Here are the 3 reasons we think you should be incorporating Instagram stories into your business:

    1) IT'S LESS CURATED - you have more of an opportunity to share the real life moments as they are happening. People want to connect with you on a human level and see everyday tidbits and this is a great way to do it! The beauty is... it doesn't have to be perfect and it shouldn't be! Allow your audience to get a glimpse into your real life and share it with them. 

    2) IT'S A GREAT TOOL FOR MARKET RESEARCH - It's vital that you are listening to your audience and producing more content that they will find value in, engage with, and keep coming back for. The Polls and Questions features are great ways to ask specific questions and gain insight from your community. 

    Instagram Story Poll Samples.png

    3) IT'S A GREAT WAY TO DIRECT YOUR COMMUNITY - with Instagram's algorithm your posts may not always show up in your audience's feed, so stories are a great way to share that you posted something new and encourage them to check it out. You can share a piece of your post with a little mystery to spark their interest to go to your feed to see or engage. You can also share a specific call to action to guide your audience to a new blog post, video, or a special offer. If you have 10,000+ followers, are a verified account, or are using Instagram Ads you can use the "swipe up" feature with a direct link or you can direct them to your link in profile. 

    So what might be holding you back from showing up on Instagram Stories? 


    That's right people! The "f" word. It keeps us distant from connection and feeling incapable of being present for our community in any real capacity. Listen up, it's a lie. Your audience wants YOU to show up. They want to see what your real life moments are, hear what your real thoughts are, and they are not going to care if you have mascara on or not. The important thing is that you are showing up consistently and listening to your community. You got this!

    Here are some of our favorite apps to help along the way!

    STORY ART - Provides you with beautiful templates that you can customize for your story.

    WORD SWAG - Allows you to put text over their free  images and backgrounds or your own images for quotes or other creative stories.

    CUTSTORY - Allows you to cut long videos into clips for your stories or make slideshows.

    RESIZE - Resize images and video to fit in your story and customize the background.

    Drop a comment if this was helpful!